Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Its coming d end of this year........................

This Year.... ......... ......... ........
made me HappY
made me SaD
made meDEsperaTe
made me SicK
made me CRAZY!!!!

THE crazIEST life i ever have!!!!

Most of the task in my list didnt accomplish!!!!!! 2007 is d worst year for me!!!!

I am speechless.... ...... Actually i do ve lots of tgs to sPREAD!!!

I am exhausted, i ve 0% energy left.. .....2007 this ungrateful year ..>>>>

Has been
Recorded down permanently
in my HArd dizk

so long 2007...

Days to 2008.....

Monday, December 3, 2007

life so HARD!!!!!

Bloody hell!!!!!! 7 days 7 days 7 days need to submit and present so much work.. AH..Ahhh... tats suck...!!!!! I am still on the track actually, but is half way oni. How can i manage to hand over tat much next monday...!!!!

My life sucks this end of year... Er.. should be optimistic a bit. This is call challenging, and adventurous. Found that this year i ve been through thousand of challenging tasks and learned lots of lessons.... This a gd year for me actually. Ve been telling myself for few times, wat ever tat i received, it is a gift from god. Dont blame too much. It is the pathway to succeed, grow, and viewing this world in another dimension. I should thank god for giving these valuable chances!!!!

Oh well... i should be glad i am saying those words. so, Keep hard and wish all students, enjoy these summer classes!

Received a letter from bank saying, my account has overdrawn $4.14. Bloody hell, due to overdraw, so an administration fee of $45 charged to me..!!!! Fxxx..!!! overdraw should usually blocking d account from any transaction... shit!!! $45 gone like tat..!! Tats not worth!!!! bloody BANK WEST!!!!!!!!!! ah...ah....ah... wanna bom it!!!!! when thik back.. ah... tats really awful man... bloody bank!!!!

How come a day so much unexpected tgs happen!!!! ah... GERAMNYA!!!!!

In just hour later, ll need to fetch my sister to airport. haiz.... gd on her able to balik kanpung. HAHA... haiz... am still need to stay in tis island. Anyway hope she enjoy d stay in Sweet home....

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Summer = HOLIDAYS!!! 2007 summer for me is....>>>

Its end of d year. Its 1st December.. Its summer. ITS SCHOOL HOLIDAYS.... This is d best time for most of d students however some student still suffer classes... Its pretty pity for them? Haiz... Am pointing myself actually. 2007 summer again, currently my course still on going till Jan. Hell, ppl go for holidays, relaxing, playing, dating, jumping, on vacation, running, drinking, singing, dancing, and wat so ever, BUT i still need to stay on my table, looking at those DRAWING, wat more, think n think n think, jz keep on thinking....

AHHHHHhhhh!!!!! I don like IT...!!!! actually i ve been through these on 2005 summer holiday, when back on Perth. Now in Melbourne, i still pretty much having, and doing d same tg...

Oh dear/.//.. wat a bad life... I jz cant forget d moment i spent last year which on a family trip to China. Thought wont ve any life of suffering classes during summer. Cant believe, This year same time, my life changed. Am facing drawings, rulers, pencils, rubber!!!! no longer d beautiful scenery and cold whether.

Yo... who told me so stupid! ppl say after graduate, is d time for u to EARN. Nevertheless i still sending out money, while is in AUSD some more....!!! Haiz... cant blame any1, as i am d decision maker, nor any1 chosen for me.....

So, my dearest friends and students, don ever study during summer time...

First of all, no mood to study. Well, when mood have been flew to other place, how can we finish our task on time? as d result, ll end up of failing. Fortunately, am clever enough... (don punch me XD) able to arrange my time well, plus enjoy when i can.. HAhaaaa

Oni few words to say... i wont choose any course in my future where beautiful summer time still need to attend classes....