Saturday, August 16, 2008

Twins -- -- 6th Anniversary Limited Edition (preview)

Well, after keeping for few days.... Finally i could say its d time.... Honestly i cant wait to open it past few days however still not thinking to as i oni got 1 set. Anyway wat i didnt want, it has been a past...

Cut down my words.. as gonna show the contents of this amazing album.....

After ripping off the original wrapping. (Sorry for bad lighting, as d color changed)

First page at the left is the cover while got 2 inserts that are CDs Leaflet and lyrics. The one at the right is CD leaflet.

That's the CD leaflet, with 3 cds located straight. The very first time i knew this album is in NEARLY A2 size was seeing same kind of picture as i posted.

The lyrics page. Its relatively small however readable.

The very first page of the booklet. Basically this album consider a booklet style. Unfortunately i snapped with the lyrics leaflet. Haha...

2nd Page.

3rd page.

4th page.

5th page.

6th page.

7th page.

8th page.

9th page. Well, tats all... Not really a lot.. Didn't treat my eyes enough honestly. However, if can i will their 2nd or 3rd edition. These 2 version will be in standard packaging. Wont be as HUGEEEEE as this....

Lastly is the Stamp set that comes with this Special Limited Edition. Here's the pics....

Last word to say.. .... ... This is really great great great album i collected till to DATE... I think i in future cd album design wont b as beautiful as it is..... This album has a great Concept also i love the way they use their group's name "TWINS" by using the right W and I to turn into "VI", tat's 6 in numeric form. (Did you notice that???)

Well, how do u think this album...??? I still remember one of my friend say so... environment unfriendly... cz use too much TREES... haha....

Anyway.. tats d preview for this album....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Twins ---- Our Love 6th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Twins OuR loVE 6th Anniversary (Deluxe and 1st edition)

i knew today it gonna be here soon... Cant believe, NOT even 8am.. 8am... 8am... someone rang the bell. My first expression is... Hey hey its here.. Its here.... I quickly answered, "I am from Australia Post, Pls come down i have a parcel for you"...

Wow.... no doubly i ran down.. n saw a post man down under waiting for me to collect... i was so nervous.. bcz I VE BEEN WAITING FOR SIX MONTH TO GET IT.... JZ didnt found d rite seller. FINALLY I MET D 1, NOW ITS MINE... YEA YEA YEA....

Wrapped firmly with bubble piece and paper envelope.

Isnt the cover page Looks Great... I mean it suite to the THEME ~Our Love 6th Anniversary~

Finally, the greater look of the front cover. Front with Ah Sa topped as bridegroom

Back cover with Ah Jiao as bridegroom.

If you do read my previous post, u ll find out i ve been spending AU$150++ stg.. (won let u know d exact amount at here.. HeHe) for this cd album. It is because, it is limited and also numbered 0011. Its front number. The main reason i will spend such money because, First of all, am a cd collector and yet, this album could surprise you, if you dono the size of it...

Let me ask, wat is the biggest CD album u have seen before??? If you dono, i ll let u know sooner or later...

Another picture with standing position... Alright, its time for reviewing the size..~~~ before that, try to guess by ur own... Hehee... (there's a clue at 4th pic)


A guide with my mobile phone. (oops.. Bigger than u thought?)

Heihei... .. How about now?? (wow.. amazing huh?)

Clearer Version... (Finally u KNOW d size) Got impressed? Jz a CD album. It can b so HUGE

A comparison picture of Our love album and their latest Mandarin album.

Well, tats wat am goin to share about. I wont be ripping off the album so quickly. Just let it be for time being. Heihei.. so well update the content or inner soon...

Lastly, wat do u think this ALBUM??? My first impression was AWESOME... Cz impressed by d size, secondly, it is rare... RARE.. RARE... especially for those who looking for it nowadays....

Am pretty LUCKy cz got it with such a great number and done a deal with affordable prices.