Monday, December 3, 2007

life so HARD!!!!!

Bloody hell!!!!!! 7 days 7 days 7 days need to submit and present so much work.. AH..Ahhh... tats suck...!!!!! I am still on the track actually, but is half way oni. How can i manage to hand over tat much next monday...!!!!

My life sucks this end of year... Er.. should be optimistic a bit. This is call challenging, and adventurous. Found that this year i ve been through thousand of challenging tasks and learned lots of lessons.... This a gd year for me actually. Ve been telling myself for few times, wat ever tat i received, it is a gift from god. Dont blame too much. It is the pathway to succeed, grow, and viewing this world in another dimension. I should thank god for giving these valuable chances!!!!

Oh well... i should be glad i am saying those words. so, Keep hard and wish all students, enjoy these summer classes!

Received a letter from bank saying, my account has overdrawn $4.14. Bloody hell, due to overdraw, so an administration fee of $45 charged to me..!!!! Fxxx..!!! overdraw should usually blocking d account from any transaction... shit!!! $45 gone like tat..!! Tats not worth!!!! bloody BANK WEST!!!!!!!!!! ah...ah....ah... wanna bom it!!!!! when thik back.. ah... tats really awful man... bloody bank!!!!

How come a day so much unexpected tgs happen!!!! ah... GERAMNYA!!!!!

In just hour later, ll need to fetch my sister to airport. haiz.... gd on her able to balik kanpung. HAHA... haiz... am still need to stay in tis island. Anyway hope she enjoy d stay in Sweet home....

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