Wednesday, August 26, 2009

William Chan - Warrior 陳偉霆-戰士

First saw him was in Ah Sa's Music video. I was so jealous of him cz has chance to get close to my lover. lolz... Till d day when i was shopping in Sg Wang. Found he is on tour of his new album. The name sounds so familiar with me till then remember d MV.
Well, my 2nd thought was... OF cz GRAB THE ALBUM n GET IT SIGNED!!! Tat was my first experience queuing myself for getting d worm drawing. lolz. As previously i got it from other sources.
For me, wat i can say from this singer is another Dancing-singer from EEG, which basically shadow's from YUMIKO Cheng. When talk about Yumiko, another point to add in, He was orginally from Sun Boyz group, which appeared in Yumiko's song n mv - 大不了. Hmmm.. Now he is flying on his own.
He dance well, could compete wit me. But he far more better. In terms of singing skill, still ve to improve more. He still ve lots of space for him to get through to next stage.

Songs i particularly to mention here are, 戰士, 今天終於知道錯, M.J., 狐狸小姐.
A gd start with the Warrior, fast tempo, good beats for dancing. 今天終於知道錯, a smooth tangy catchy ballad. You ask for more. MJ, from the name u know its dedicated for The DANCING KING.

Autographed cover at the left, while lyrics and photo booklet sitting right hand side.

As tis is Msia version, thus included also his First Album located bottom, while his latest with autographed too.

This is first CD being signed in my whole collection. Wat nice to C it! Also, am the oni person get William to sign on CD on d day. HAHA. Oni Cd collector will ask for tis (mostly)

This album has real nice pic. I mean the graphic. n Nicely taken pics

Lastly the song tracks... Arg... not readable.

Well, a potential to be next Dancing King in the industry! Tats conclude my entire review

Raymond Lam 林峰 - Let's Get Wet

First Raymond's album in my collection. Past years, i bought his first release for someone but not for myself. hmm.. a bit regret not to import 1 for myself tat time. Return here, I would highly be one of the Raymond's music lover.

Although 7 songs in this latest release, but all composed well. My first choice, also for recommendation, Track 4 如果時間來到. Smooth ballad, catchy music-lyrics. Another song in my list which worth to repeat. Just first heard of the song, the melody has sticked in.

Let's Get Wet, also the main theme for his first concert, impressed me well enough. Then again, the way he sang relatively smooth, which relatively same performance in other type of music. However, the mix of diff style create good tune.

Illusion will be my last song to share with. Same style music plunged in Let's Get Wet, whist diff singing movement.

The main cover

From Left to Right, The main cd cover, The 64 pages photo booklet, Cd, Lyrics leaflet and DVD. The photo booklet combined latest Let's Get Wet, Your Love, & 愛在記憶中找你 photos. Thus, you could have the most complete Raymond's photos album.

Let's Get Wet section.

Remarks for girls, if u r great fans of him, i reckon u gonna flip over n over the booklet. Lolz

No comment...

愛在記憶中找你 section.

Just a 2 pics for share.

Your Love section

Again, 2 pics due to time constrain.

Tat sum up the short review. Overall, do enjoy well his music. Looking forward for his future performance.

Monday, August 24, 2009

關淑怡(Shirley Kwan) - Shirley's Era

Honestly, am unfamiliar with her. I never and won’t know her if she didn’t have this release. After I received news about her new release after 14 years, I started to search for her biography. Found, she is 1 of the oldies, who actually famous in the music world…. Hmmm.. could be saying am really up to date, those old time favorite not in my data. Lolz.

I got caught on this album as it is fabricated on its album cover, and limited edition some more. How could a music lover n fancy music cover and design lover could let it goes. Finally I got a copy of that. What I can say. She is one of the legends. Her singing is brilliant.

The first play was the dvd, as I have NO IDEA how’s her appearance is. Lolz. Dvd has 5 mvs, where 2 mvs were adapted from her recent concert. First song from the cd, 天規with a good start of catchy music as knew it gonna be something fast. Hmm, expectation didn’t fail me. 3rd song duet with Leo Ku, is well praised and recommended to all. First heard, arg, I love it very much. Its fun to listen, pleasant to enjoy and happy ending. For those who haven knows, have a go with it.

只得一次, will be my 2nd recommendation to all. Brilliant melody, you would like to have it replay on your hi fi, and never get fed up. This album recorded well known TVB movie, “zhu guang bao qi” main theme. Tango style music? Yea, the music made my body moved for the first play.

The 2 remix version, wasn’t disappoint me. They are good tune. Actually both songs are in my IPOD’s – “Shake ur Body” list. Basically it’s the list with fast tempo songs. Well, once again I never regret to own this album. Although songs like 28日, isn’t my type of music, but then a good try and collection to have it in my list.

The Main Cover, as obvious

From this pic, u r able to c the hard box was actually covered with fabric. B4 i thought it was the Chinese traditional hand craft 绣. or d same family as it is given a unique texture. Didnt expect its jz a printing. Haiz... disappointing.

The Cd, Dvd and the lyrics booklet.

Well, tis is good graphic. I myself would be praise the design more if this is fabricated, but it is on paper.

lastly, the song list. sorry for poor lighting. Tats ntg to concern about, if you are fans of her, you wont be bother up to brighten the pic. Get a copy now. If 1st limited edition is out of print, the 2nd edition is always waiting for you.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

wat a BIG spent i HAD

D month jz started, n i had swipe in 4 albums. lolz. tat was real quick. well, among these, 2 albums were in my wish list for ages, n finally its mine. The other 2 albums, 1 actually is new release which i found might b a gd try since he is quite famous too. On the other hand, the last album i got was actually jz released, n got it bcz he was in KL for his tour.

As u guys know am a cd collector, n d singer is here, for sure i ll catch the opportunity to get a worm drawing. HAHA

Penny's album which stacked in cd shop for long. Finally, they are in my collection. Chao Ger latest album, with unordinary packaging design. For those who never seen it, i reckon tat gonna b turn out with fresh meat on the plastic tray. XD.

Lastly is Willam Chan latest Warior album with signature as i mentioned b4. well, getting more albums now. Unfortunately time doesnt allow me to get a snap of them n review at here.