Saturday, June 13, 2009

GiGi Leung - Present 梁詠琪~禮物

Gigi, always my favourite. Since the previous New + Best in 2007, she had no new release in music. This year she brought the "Present" to us... XD. The song - Present was composed by herself. A smooth and catchy ballad. Sure u gonna love at the 1st play.

Wat else to reckon... basically is ALL.. Yup, is ALL. All of them are nice. U jz cant get out from this fantastic album. Mayb am great fans to her, thus having this feeling. Well, take a glance on this album

The outer cover at left, while inner cd housing at right

CD, Photo & Lyrics album, and DVD

I Love this photo shoot. Beautiful GIGI

The dog is gorgeous. Unfortunately too small d pic.

Another pic which i like. I think Gigi looks pretty wit short hair.

Songs List... As mentioned earlier, all songs are my favourite. XD, however if sincerely reckon to u, i would say the Present, Ai De Qi, Cuo Guo, abcdefGG.....

Joey Yung - A Time For Us

Just less than a year, she has a new surprise for fans... I am one of them. I started to fall in love on her songs. She has been improved a lot, a lot, a lot. Thumb up for her. XD. "A Time For Us" compared to "In Motion", this time, she has better ballad and juices us beautiful voice and musics. Lets give some time for us (Me n U)... hehe

Close up shot as the main cover box

From top, the outer cover, the CD n DVD Housing, Fans Club registration form, Lyrics leaflet, and the 56 pages Photo booklet.

C the thickness.. isnt realy thick. but printed wit quite attractive pics.

Share some pics i like. Gives me a free n relax feeling.

I can only say, i love this shot, without reason. lolz

The lyrics leaflet. I like the colors, d design putted on every single song, which seperated from others. Hardly can seen this, as most leaflet lyrics design will jz in few colors.

The other side of the leaflet

Well, this album consider outstanding album for myself. Wat do u think. I mean, not the packaging, as its grouped as simple packaging, wat i praised was the songs. Real real nice. i myself like most of the songs except track 5 and 6.

Joey fans, don miss the chance, or u may get d 2nd version which has 6 music video instead of 1 in the 1st version.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Vic Chou - Vic Chou 2001-2009 The Best Collection

Well, i knew this guy since 2001, of cz the most famous series among the Asia. haha. but then i myself not really pay attention the group F4. Reason i bought this album is, its wrapped with, can be say all d songs of his previous release. N yet in such a big size. haha, with 80 full page of photo album. In addition, i myself found he sings well too, so no doubt, get it... haha

The Hard Main Cover

From top, the inner main cover, sided with 2 cds, the 80 pages photo booklet and lyrics leaflet.

The 80 pages... hmm sounds real cool. but then Jolin still the Champion. 416 pages still d best of all.

This photo book actually shows the "growth" of Vic Chou since 2001 to recent. As u can c, tats the appearance when he came to screen for the first time.

Thats looks better, the "star" shinning and blink more.

Well, cant believe he had short hair after keeping long for years and years. The pics were from his album "I am not F4"

Wow.. way too small when snap it, well of cz its readable in the excat printing.

Songs list... Personal pick, Disc 1 Track 1,2,4,7,9,13,16 Disc 2 Track 1,2,5,7,10,13

I found this release could be a great collection for those who want Vic's songs in one album. 32 songs, hmmm tats awesome.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

MAY d month with 12 babies~~ =)

This month again, bought some favourite again. hmm... counted at d end of d month, found jz 12 albums. its kind of lot honestly, i actually controlling myself not to get too much, but still failed to do so. hahaa....

anyway am quite happy wit wat i ve got. let c wat i ve, of cz then again old n new albums all wrapped up.

From Top left, Zhang Jie-Most Beautiful Sun, Kelly Chen-Happy Girl, Gigi Leung-Present, Leo Ku-Nobita, Aaron kwon-Thematic, SHE-Once Upon A Time, Joey Yung-Nine 2 Five, SHE-Magical Journey, Joey Yung-A Time For Us, Twins-Magic, Reenie Guo-Debut, Zai Zai-The Collection

Among these albums, i was real lucky as in found another 4 old albums which in my "Searching List". =). For ur infor, i actually lookin older album more than newer.

In my Searching List, Twins covered d most, cz my intention is get all their first press release. Now, Magic has created miracle. I love 9 2 5 album by Joey since 2005, but tat time i wasnt a collector yet, so didnt get it, now i got d chance 2 c d baby 1000% will belongs to me.