Friday, July 29, 2011

Choices, choices....

hmmm... Time past pretty quick. Jz clips of eyes, things gone quickly. Life in Melbourne doesn't surprise me much anyway. However this year mission is different than past few years. This year, I'll involve myself in business, however i'm stuck in middle no where. The choices is tough. However I'll ve to make the most distinctive decision.

Its d end of July, August just around the corner. Time doesnt wait, shall catch it and work harder. Good luck to myself. Hahaha...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文-思念

Until now, i haven get the correct album name for Sammi very first recording album. Rumors say 思念 is the name, however what was written officially on the recording album has only "Sammi" and "鄭秀文". Whereby, most fans claimed "鄭秀文" shall be the one which same on my opinion too.

Album cover with autograph

I was truly amazed with the receipt of this album. It is the first press release in 1990. Even the CD was made in Japan. This is not a reissue copy but truly came into market since 1990. What makes this album being the most gorgeous among all, is autographed and the previous collector take extreme care on it. The surface of jewel case still as new, without scratches. Yes, is without scratches!

I am really glad to own it in my collection. haha

The print on the disc with manufacturing in Japan.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sammi Cheng's albums

Since year 2010, i started to collect Sammi's older releases, which basically my intention is to own a full set of hers. Last year i brought in 15 albums, while this year, till this second I add in 11 albums. My recent purchase were " 聽聞" and "濃情". 濃情 is an autographed version as can be seen underneath.

Today, received notice from post office regarding to an undelivered postal article, whereby it's her very first release, "Sammi". What more to credit about it is, Autographed album. This rare and autographed basically add in greater value to my collection. I cant wait to get on hand.

Hmm..... practically, i got most of her releases by now, however missing.... ... 5 or 6 albums? In fact full length albums that missing out are -- Holiday, 十誡 and 鄭秀文的快樂迷宮. Phew, what a crazy collector i am. In other words, I got all of her Warner's full length album releases.

Let's count the compilation, where 是時候@不要新舊對照35首, and Mi Century登峰造極世紀精選, which am waiting chances to grab a copy too. In 2009, a themed year which consists of "Faith", "Hope", & "Love" title to her work. Basically, i obtained Faith album, while not Hope album. In some extend it's a book accompany EP.

Oh well, catch up with me soon.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stefanie Sun 孫燕姿 - It's Time 是時候

After a long wait for 4 years, finally Stefanie has new work for all of her music lovers. This time Stefanie had involved in music production as well as planning for entire album. When i received the album, i was amazed as she never been using special designed packaging, as previously they are typically jewel cased packaging. The first play, i was pleased with this album. All songs are great and worth for continuous play.

I particularly love the album artwork and design, as only 3 colors can be found here. Black, White and Grey. The whole album doesn't weight much, but outstanding packaging design. Thumbs up for this. Lets look at the packaging.

Front cover with Stefanie's autograph.

Back cover design, looks identically those document envelope,
where string to ties around the knob.

I love the wording design, on the inner wall. Its a poem i
reckon which the song
世說心語, brings too.

Photo booklet, Cd with the housing,promotional leaflet, that's wrapped in.

The photo booklet. I think she and the design team had put heaps of effort
for this album. All photos are nice captured, and there's insert where
transparent paper replaced, makes the booklet scores well.

Main plug, 世說心語 expressing her feeling for the last four years. Although first play of it, to be honest i wasn't like it as the tune kind of weird to me. However, something changed my mind, recently i found this music piece is unique and catchy too, which fight my first thought.

Practically, i love the second song,
the most. As most of you knew I'm keen to relax and active songs. This song represent my feeling too. The music and lyric work well, and easily memorize the tune.

當冬夜漸暖 , a soft ballad, which a song brings great feeling. I could say one of the best soft ballad Stefanie Sun has in her 11 albums.

When the speakers played 是時候, i was like "huh", and feel bored to it. Again, miracle happened after 3rd and 4th play. I can't imagine how much i love this song. The chorus part, "我多恨自己輕易地放開手 以為能承受....." Oh No, that's the greatest part. Eventually, this song makes the first song i would reckon to all.

Hidden track 11, named "11" as well, amazed me dramatically. The energized song boost up my feeling and easily catches the music piece too. Tell you what, the 2nd song i love comes after 是時候. haha

Overall, i would say such a worth buy! All songs are awesome!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fiona Sit 薛凱琪 - August Girl

Finally the album has out in the market today. I can't wait to hold a copy. Just watched her mv through Youtube. Hmmm.. this album has different feel than her previous releases. But then since the change on her "Smile" album, i would reckon the songs type are typically the same. It's hard to describe it, but from my point of view its identically the style as Khalil Fong. However, Fiona has her own style anyway.

I myself love this album not because of the songs, but how she deliver messages to her music listeners. Seems like most songs has its own message. For example, 八月號 the song reflects how much we know about Fiona. Controversial in media had made up lots of story behind the truth.

The main plug 唇印, romantic and the beats which step by step bring the song to peak. A relaxing song though. Well, i shall stop here. Will update again when i receive the album. By the way i will catch up those i missed earlier.

The cover looks weird. The lion hair doesn't match to her face at all. But its the concept of the album whereby, August the birth month of Fiona, plus the zodiac sign, Leo thus she came out the theme song and the album artwork.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

范瑋琪 Christine Fan - Love & Fan Fan

Love & Fan Fan is the second album of Christine Fan that I own in my collection. I bought this album because of the hit song; 最重要的決定which sang by most of the girls surround me. Well, I myself pretty much love it too. The packaging used hard cardboard and designed in box set style, however not really a box set. The album consists of 10 great songs. First song 蜂蜜 (jazz), you are putting yourself in a harmonic ballroom. You feel like lifting yourself up for a dance.

最重要的決定 although second plug of the album, but ya the lyrics are so meaningful. It is an inner feeling of Fan Fan towards her decision being married to Blackie Chen on May 2011. It is truly a song catches your heart and I guarantee you would listen and even more sing the song for the second play. The main plug, 暮光 written and composed by her confidante Tina Wang, a song that easy to memorize and pleasant to hear too. 雙雙, the song composed by Christine, herself, a good recommendation to you too.

Beside love song, some energetic songs are wrapped in the album too. Well, have a glance of the album.

Album cover and photos & lyrics booklet with autograph

10 Postcards with beautiful taken photos

CD and DVD. DVD contains 30 minutes footage interview from her friends

To be honest, I prefer her previous album, F One than this one. The previous songs choice is better than this album. In comparison of雙雙 and灰色的彩虹 which composed by Christine, I would say灰色的彩虹 wins. Anyhow, every recording album has its selling points.

HOCC 何韻詩 - 無名.詩 (拼圖珍藏版) (CD + 拼圖) first mandarin album

Although it seems to be late for posting this album as it has been out in d market for 8 months? Yea i reckon roughly the time. Anyway finally i got myself a limited copy too. What i can say about this album at first, lets look at the packaging.

32cm x 32 cm hard cover which makes the album stronger from any impact, but still there's a limit to handle it. Among my vinyl sized recording album, this album featured the most stunning design than others. A puzzle can be found inside of it, which stands the selling point of this limited 2000 copies worldwide. A cd with extra canto song and a poster type lyrics leaflet. And last, not the least is the huge HOCC autograph on the front cover.

The front cover, king size design, nevertheless HUGE HOCC autograph.

The puzzle. Its 10 thumbs up for the design. Incredibly stunning! The first recording album with such a huge puzzle. I love this part the most.

The cd located underneath of the right puzzle. I was spending some time to look for it. What a good hide and seek game i encounter with. =)

Poster type lyrics leaflet, with picture identically same as promotional picture used on her Homecoming concert last year.

Back with 11 songs lyrics.

In terms of songs. the very first time i in touch with it is the 詩與胡. Really catchy piece of music. First play, then 2nd play i started to sing. It's a song which catches and the tune stick firmly in ur mind. 無名, second song i love in the album. In fact it's a canto song that released by HOCC years back. Mandarin version has a great lyrics and blend with music greatly.

愛麗絲夢遊仙境症候群, a free and relax song which makes a good play after your hard day work. It releases your mind, and the piano part truly release my tension of the day. 菇菇歌, at first i thought is a soft ballet, didn't expect comes out a rock song, and so it amazed me. Overall its a good album to purchase. You wont regret from every single penny u spend on.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

HOCC 何韻詩 - Green

In less than a year, HOCC (Denise Ho) released mandarin single, Green to her fans. This anticipated album has created a flow between collectors and her music fans. Due to announcing a special manufactured – transparent pictured CD, thus initial releases causing shortage phenomena.

The Green album contains 2 songs only, however both are written brilliantly. The album is made to concept Green whereby both songs start with green word, as well the manufacturing of the album used recycle materials.

The Front Cover

The back cover, with tear off strip in order to obtain inner materials.

A poster back with lyrics, a picture booklet and a so called transparent pictured cd.

青空 energized ballet which catches you for continuous plays.
has meaningful lyrics, no doubt both do. A soft tangy song which again you can’t let it go from your speakers.

What more i can say is, if you are a fans of HOCC, i reckon by now you have own it. For those music lovers and cd collectors, remember this is a great deal. Get it while u can.

Recent Purchase

Sorry to my much-loved readers and viewers, as for some reasons I didn’t update my blog. I was way too busy with my life. Anyway cut out those, I hope by then I shall blog in some titles as I did before. Nevertheless, I still spend money on cds which it’s part of my life’s work. Give u a glance of what I have brought in these days. However, u guys will be greatly disappointed as these are old titles, although couples are recently released.

Sammi Cheng’s with autographed except Shocking Pink, Water Of love and Sammi’s collection

Kelly Chen’s with all autographed

Andy Hui’s with autographed as well

Karen Mok's X and To be autographed

Vivian Hsu autographed 2nd mandarin album, with both English and Chinese signature

Some recent titles:

HOCC - Green

HOCC - first mandarin album. Limited Edition with puzzle, autographed

Fan Fan - Love and Fan Fan autographed

Stefanie Sun - It's time autographed

Jolin Tsai - Take 2 Myself-Dance With Me 4D

Miriam Yeung - Ready or Not

Thanks to my friend who works in BMA obtained Niki's autograph on her 2nd, 3rd and 4th recording albums.

In fact, i still have some other autographed albums which never been posted here. Anyway a picture shall do the work.

In later post, I would do HOCC, Green album quick review, and shall begin my blogging life again thereafter.