Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rainie Yang - Longing for... 楊丞琳 - 仰望

This is 2nd Rainie's album I have in my collection. In addition, top up my autographed albums list. i bought this album because first of all, autographed, 2nd most probably i found some hit songs in it. The main plug 我們都傻, pretty much catchy for me. I practically love first song 仰望, where the beats behind brings the song to pitch. Lovelution, a unique name adding fast-paced music marking a great song to listen too. To be honest I do not find this album could compete with her previous releases. Another song to recommend is 結痂, a rocky flavor which Rainie seldom involve with.

Typically, songs could hold our listening buds aren't much as previous. Overall, still acceptable.

Autographed on album cover. I love the photo shoot. It given me a soft and relax feeling. Practically, lite colors do the feeling.

The version i have here is Blue Sky Deluxe Edition, thus addition 64 pages photo booklet is included. Pretty much just a booklet with series of photographs, and some wording written by Rainie. Plus some empty pages at the end, works for writing our own diary?....

Random choose from the lyrics booklet. Nothing special regards to design, and extra more pictures which cant be found from the 64 pages photo book.

I was surprised when i saw a poster tube in the shipment. As the seller didn't mention that my purchase includes autographed poster. That poster made my day! Although I'm not keen to poster, well, a great collection too. haha

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Finally, Rainie and SHE albums are here

This morning before i get ready for work, someone knocked on the door. Yea the postman was here for delivery. Knew its my article. I wont talk much at here what they are, as you shall know it from the title.

The seller sealed my article firmly. It such a big box when i got it. Thumbs up for him.

Rainie's latest album and SHE latest too, although it released in 2010. Both are autographed!

Oh well, as usual and promised, my next blog would be review of Rainie's - "Longing For Rainie"

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Apple Store - Southland Grand Opening today

I was told by my sis to go for a queue before the grand opening as top 1000 customers who gets it will obtain a free T-shirt. I didn't even get enough sleep today, unwillingly i drove to the mall. I was 'Wat The HECK!" Its just an opening the queue was as long as during product releases.

In fact, the t-shirt was intended to gift to a friend who birthday falls at the end of this month. Well, that's the reason why i joined the crowd, other wise i should be hiding in my warm bed.

In fact I'm speechless, after 40 minutes pasted, those who came late without queuing even obtained the special gift (T-shirt).... Geess.... I had wasted my wait. Anyway, a great experience on how Apple's fans react on "APPLE"....

The shirt is XL size, i couldn't even wear it out. Shall keep it as souvenir instead. Hahaha

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Autographed album

I was too bored moment ago. Nothing much can do on Sunday night. I was browsing the song list and in a sudden i was thinking of how many autographed albums i have collected. So, i listed down and results as follow:

George Kamikawa – Sliding days


Twins - 愛情當入樽, ho hoo TAN

何韻詩 - 無名

原子鏸 - 只为您 首张个人EP + 音乐电影

周杰伦 - 十一月的蕭邦, 我很忙, 跨時代

周麗淇 – Nikikaka, Redefine, the child-woman

大嘴巴 - 王元口力口

孫燕姿 - 是時候

徐若瑄 - 不敗の戀人

戴佩妮 - 原諒我就是這樣的女生

林依晨 - 幸福遇見

林育羣 - 未來的第一站

林俊傑 - JJ林俊傑_100

梁詠琪 - 新鮮, 歸屬感, 給自己的情歌, 順時針

楊丞琳 仰望

范瑋琪 - F ONE, Love&FanFan

莫文蔚 - Karen mok X, 做自己

蔡依林 - 花蝴蝶

蔡健雅 - 記念

許志安 我們都要幸福, 相信愛情

許茹芸 - 愛。旅行。一公里

鄭希怡 – Passion

鄭秀文 - Faith 信, feel so good, Ladies First, 值得, 去愛吧,

大報復, 完整, 很愛很愛,我們的主題曲,

我應該得到, 捨不得你,放不低 , 時間地點人物,

濃情,為你等, 眉飛色舞, 鄭秀文

陈慧琳 - 你不一樣, 愛你愛的, 我不以為, 星夢情真 ,


陳偉霆 - 2009 戰士

飛輪海 - 越來越愛

total 58 albums while i own 17 of Sammi's autographed album. =) Yet, i have 3 more autographed of her's which on order, thus could top up to 20 soon. Initially i thought i have a lot by now, but the figures, to me just way too little. Ok, well I have to work harder. haha....

Anyway, my coming post basically i will blog Rainie Yang 楊丞琳 仰望 album. It is with autographed. Catch up with me soon.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Twins - 3650

Literally, kind of late posting this blog, as matter of fact i haven got their album yet. I'm practically waiting for the autographed version which they are conducting this coming Sunday. After tragedy happened in 2008, Twins had went through difficulties and faces lots of criticism especially Ah Gill. Finally, 2011 a good year for Twins! They are back, and they bring new mandarin album to us. This album represents 10 years anniversary of their uniting in entertainment world.

Catch up with me next time for a full review of the album.

林俊傑 JJ - 100天 100 days

Received this album from a friend of mine. She doesn't need it any more so, gifted to me. As she knows I'm a cd collector. Oh well, although am not keen to JJ's music, but ya, a great collection for my autographed albums. This is my first JJ's album yet autographed during his concert in Melbourne 2010.

The album cover

Autographed on pictorial and lyrics booklet.

Shall i plug this in tonight. Thanx to my friend again.