Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New collection, New autographs

These bought back in June in Taiwan. Friend of mine got them all for me. Finally received yesterday and again adding extra interest in my autograph albums.

From the pictures, I've most of Stefanie Sun autographed albums, as I'm one of her biggest fans too. First album of David Tao yet first autographed.

First two albums of Elva with autographed although I have her previous release. First album, also first autographed I have for Rene. Last but not least, my Sammi album has again added an autographed version of 捨得.

I reckon this gonna be my last purchase for the time being. If you happen to read my previous post, you shall know that, I got not much CDs to buy. Maybe intention to own complete discography of Stefanie in coming time. I counted last night, just 3 albums to own for a complete set.

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