Friday, October 19, 2007


What… r u thinking??? Wat came out from ur brain??? Huh…. HaHa…

Weird?! Shocked?! Scared?! CuriouS?! Or jz NO feeling..??!! or any other else? HehE//..~~

Well, babies could means many for every individual. Could be obviously is a baby, could b addressing ur bloved 1, could b calling ur darling as baby. HAHA.. blah blaH..

Well, wats d word means for me? GUESS>>!!~~~ I think some ppl may have ideas, wats d word for me actually. OH well, for those who cant get d answer, don worry, am gonna review out my BABIES in few minutes time….

Oh well, am not gonna tell u tat fast, as am gonna say some words first. HAHA… who told me is a talk active person. XD///

BABIES have been stayed with me for quite long. Some of them have just joined this family, while of cz some are elder. HAHA… I love ‘BABY’ very much. They r identically CUTE<>

When I see a new BABY, I am always curious what it has. Jz cant stop to get it. Tats why till now, I got lots of BABIES.,…. HOWEVER, still isn’t enough. I WANT all (If can) HAHA… but I know, I cant ve ALL, (Don b greedy lah Mr Giraffe)

When talk about BABIES, d first issue I ll bring out is d size. They come in several sizes. I LOVE ANY KIND OF SIZES…. BIGGER D BEST>>>…/// HAHA…

OK, I think u guys might or mayb or slightly have some clues wat BABIES are. Oh well, shorten my words (talk too much), n Lets CHECK THEM OUT…~~~


B4 I start don put ur curiosity too highs up as u guys might don like these BABIES, anyway this post is about my BABIES, so pls lah, do spend some time look at my babies. XD


D biggest size I got up to this second is JOLIN Tsai ~~ DI CAI

Featuring 31.5cm x 31.5cm vinyl record-size packaging

This version comes with a DVD, 30cm x 30cm Photo Book and a 60cm x 84cm Extra large poster.

60cm x 84cm Poster 30cm x 30cm photo book Series of small pics in photo book

This album, is not only a live concert, is all about the HARD WORK she been through during her training, especially for the concert. Through this DVD, I found how hard she worked on those gymnastic movements. Oh dear, tats really difficult! Basically, is a mixture of behind the scene and the live performance.

For those Huge JOLIN’s FANS… remember get this copy!! It is worth for every single spend. (even I am facing bankruptcy I still dig out $35 bucks from my wallet) XD…


D second biG size goes to DANCING QUEEN--_~~`YumiKO chenG ~~ 7 Nutrients

Featuring 30cm x 30cm hard and soft cover. (slightly smaller than Di cai, isnt obvious) What’s more, it weight 700gram. Cool rite as due to packaged all with hard cover.

C d thickness.. tats y it can weight up to 700grams...

This AVCD and CD album is Yumiko’s first ‘Best Selection’. Beside this 2 cds, nothing else freebies can be found.. HaHa…

However, you gonna treat your eyes as it comes with enormous size PICTURES, and lyrics in hard cover.

I love this best..!! HAHA… top naked.

DID She stand d WRONG side???!!! (HAHA… Color woof lah u)

This best selection has included her pop dancing song and love and slow songs. I actually do not have some of her previous album such as d 1st and 2nd album, but i still have chance to collect them in this album. Basically, if you more or less like her, you may get this album as all D BEST YUMIKO r inside..!!!

D comparison of both BiG biG album and a normal sized cd casing

Basically, tats 2 big size or vinyl sized Babies.

Ps: poor Sammi got to be d specimen. HAHA.. Don worry…!!!! Stg about her in few minutes.


BoX S3t

Box set~~/// obviously d album comes in BOX packaging. This type of manufacturing product, is hardly to see, but still able to find sometimes among Chinese market. FIRSTLY……..~~~>>>

Sammi CHEnG ~~ LaLaLa (finally can stand out instead being xxXXxxx)

Sammi lalala HK version, comes in box set with smooth surface finishing in 20cm x 20cm boxing

The thickness of the box

What Sammi got for me???

First version has 1 cd plus a vcd. 2 photo leaflet, 1 poster, coupons and lyric leaflet

Photo leaflet~~~ Behind is a mirror image of the inner photo leaflet

Pic tat i liked most


Lyric leaflet


Dancing Queen>>> YUm!k0 Cheng ~~ Dance danCe dancE

Featuring 17cm x 23cm boxed with hard cover and magnetic open case. Again is HK version. in 2004 i saw a Msian version which is in normal CD size casing. Fortunately i got d HK version. HAHA

Let see what it offers...>>~>>~>

Curious wat boxed inside? On d day i got tis album, when i open it, i jz shocked... ...!!!!

N LAUGH OUT~>>>>> WAAH HAHAAAA>>>> How come GOT TIS STUFF toooooo!!!!

Wanna know wats tat.....?? Actually nothing much special, jz 1st time i saw a recording album does ve tis.. XD...

Tat's it...>>>

C stg>.>????


YES, u r rite...~~>>> Is the Nescafe sachet !!!

XD,, look at d best before date... HAHA... i didnt even open it. Will assume it as collection too XD

Mayb some of u seen stg like tis, but for me, was d very first time.. Tat time, wat came out from my mind was, mayb she is d spokesperson for Nescafe or d company has business integration with her.. or might er... dono eh.... wat ever d answer is, don care tat much....~~~

Let's c wat d box contains....

Clock wise~~

Korea Photo album, postcards' envelope, Poster, AVCD, Nescafe sachet, Nescafe coupon, others are discount coupons, which all has expired and also only can be used in HK even still valid. :)

AVCD which has Dance dance Dance MV, and 5 songs. It is housed with a lovely envelope.

Poster. isnt as big as previously showed, but she looks good!!!

Postcards and the photo envelope looks packet.

7 postcards with lyrics (5 pieces) and a series of photo shoot. Basically the idea of this design is similar to photo printing. When we got back our developed photos, always they will print out the entire pics in smaller copy. So, as above, obviously you can see a small postcard with 15 pics all together. GREAT IDEA...~~>>>> u seen b4???

Korea tour photo book which has 14 pages of YUmiko during d visiting.

The photo book is in ideal size, which it gives sense of dimension through the cd envelope.

Lovely Yumiko~~~

Backside of the Box>>> songs list and OF huge YUmiKO Cheng


Cute cuTE>>>-->> FIona SiT ~~ Electric Angle

A small box which is slightly larger than a normal cd casing size. I personally like d artwork. Although it doesnt ve much colors, but, black, white and red have stands out the entire look !!!

Songs list at behind. Again pretty much clean n clear. Tats another reason i LOVE tis album.

Lets c wat Fiona surprises us tis time.....>~~~~

CD, VCD, 100 pages photo book (WOW), 3 stickers, and some information leaflet. The cds housed in a cd casing. Which quite common, but the outer box has benefited the entire presentation.

The thicKNESS of d photo book.. LOOKS great huh... who wants to view it, ma come n look for me, OR SIMPLY GET URself a Copy. Unfortunately, this album is out of print, thus a bit hard to find, however, depends your luck.....~~~

2day U r lucky enough, as am going to show couple of d pics....

A serious looks.... do u find d red hair looks funny and matched to her appearance?? heHe.. i think she looks wild and beautiful in this style.

Lovely...~~?? too cute man... she is too CUTE...

pics of her during "Dear Fiona" recording. Dear Fiona is 1 of d song in "electric angle". I quite like it. Will u sit in d same bus with me? so download n try.. HeHE...

Stickers... i think this album came out with this idea, is to let her fans design d photo book outlook, or mayb other usage. HAHA... Tell u wat, she is a designer.. Well, maybe due to tis reason, she has shared her hobby with fanSSS.... HAHA



Ella....???? Ella???? izzit S.H.E's Ella???...???>>>> nah.... isnt she... Here, Ella is a Cantonese... er... wondering u guys watched "Mei Nu Chu Fang" o english 'Beauty Cook".....?? She appeared in this show. Tell u wat, she scored the LAST in this competition. She has won d Evil Cooks... HAHA... ... for those who hasnt watch, may try in youtube. HaHa...

Ella Kwun Yan Na ~~ 失常 album

Featuring 25cm x 14cm Box set. This is my first Ella's album. Released 2006.

The thickness of d album.

These are wat i surprised after getting all d stuffs out... Hmmm... Wat r these actually..???

Lets check out...

First folding is Lyrics book also where d cd and vcd hided. HAHA... A coupon included too

2nd is photos slide>>>>~~~ Gorgeous Ella...

3rd, also photo slide.....>>> cute cUTE Ella

4th, again is d Photo slide...>>> Manly Ella Fantastic..!!!

Included in this album is a cd n a vcd. VCD has a making of this album, which wrapping all d moments she had on photo shooting, which showed in the photo slides. The vcd shows d making scene of her during d photo shoot which all d pics have included in this album.. plus MVs....

Her song is pretty nice too.. reckon to you all... I think she sings pretty well. Well, get a copy if u like, or download it for trying out.. HEi hei...

Let's check out d close up of some of her COOL n fabulous pics....

C her style in d second pic... giving a sense how cute n girlish she is... HAHA

Hmmm.... different style... Wilder a bit... BUT Beautiful..>>>~~~ wat do u think?>

Lastly... MAN's STYLE...

Any comments on this styling???? I personally love IT... Awesome man...!!! She able to portrait well...!! unfortunately d pics i show area a bit too small...

Due to time consuming, i posted oni few boxed album, however, i still ve some more, which ll b uploaded HERE again ASAP...... For example : 古天樂, 許志安, which both in metal box, 蕭正楠 in paper box. and many more...


Finished..~~>>>??? Nah.... its jz 1/10 of my babies.... next we gonna look AT>>>>....

MAgazine/ BOOk book stlye

MIRIAM Yeung ~~ M vs M (part 2)

ps: i got oni part 2 which also 下半場, supposedly is 3 parts, but i found oni part 2. Sad.. saD..

As titled, this album is in Magazine style packaging...

The thickness of d album.. Actually isnt thick i forgot how many pages.. HAHA

First inner page... Cool rite.. although no fancy design, but simple as it is is enough.

This album, again, d entire page is lyric printed, and full page of Pics..

Last page is where d CD situated. With joining club form.

Lastly, d Final cover... Song list....

This album created creatively as it comes in 3 PARTs... i think its some sort like a marketing strategy, which allows fans to catch up d next release and making fans to collect all three album. Although 3rd part can be obtained free by presenting d coupons from 1st n 2nd part, but again, we still need to spend money on both Albums.... Anyway, its a gd collection for Miriam's Fans... Am 1 of them actually... HAHA....


Nic0l@ Ch3unG ~~ Angel of Mercy

This album, actually it is not packed in a book or magazine style, but is a free Photo book, while d cd comes in pretty nice packaging too. Before i post d pic, wanna ask, any1 know who is she? For me, when i saw tis album, i talked to myself... SHE got singing carrier as well?? thought she is only a TVB actress.... so, d clue has given u, thus u might ve idea when u see Nicola...

Left: 20 pages photo book in magazine format. Right: Cd album

Take a look at the thickness... hmmm.... better than Miriam's 1... Even d images r bigger.,..,

Lovely Nicola, as i mentioned, d style identically same as a fashion magazine.. pretty gd though.

So, remember who is she...??? Saw her in TVB series movie rite...??? can believe she is a singer rite?? Actually, she started singing in 2001, while this album release 2002 if am not wrong... Unfortunately no more latest album after that. I actually got her 1st album ' yi bu xiao xin' as well. Pretty gd too.. I think lots of Msian heard 'yi bu xiao xin' tis song, cz i heard numerous times from radio station. tat time i wasnt know who sang tis song, but now i know.. Its a gd song to reckon.

more pics>>>>>>>

Last images for u all.... adapted from her photo book

from left, photo book, poster, and cd's album

D cd album has great design too. D cutting and d way to package it... it comes with a cd, lyrics booklet, and some information and coupons.

Last image

lyrics leaflet...

Final words for this album.... Er... LOTS LOTS LOTS of pICS... Seldom have chance to c so much pics... btwn, tis album does offer some great songs... looking forward to c d latest album from her. Do u think miracle could happen?>?? as she stopped in 2002... haiz...


Lets guess...... Among d Taiwanese singer, who is actually a doctor?hmmm.... my clue is very obvious... i don think no 1 gonna fail to answer tis question....

Well, for those who doesnt know, ll tell u now.... is... next review will be

CoCo Lee ~~ discoco New + best selection

This is a remixed and dancing album. All songs has been remixed. Suitable for those who like techno, disco types song... LIKE me... HAHA

Love those magazine style and jumbo size album, cz usually has BIG PICs and IMAGES.

same goes to tis album. C.... how pretty she is..... :)

The lyrics also printed on the book instead of using lyrics book or leaflet.

2 remixed song CDS... Some gd song can b found from this album....~~>>>

Finally, back side of the album>>>~~~>>>>>


This album, isnt same as previous.... but it is grouped in Book style... Yes, it is styled like a book, but actually d main design is a DIARY..... who has a 2006 released album in such design??? any ideas...~~>>>> Oh well...... lets scroll down...


Miriam YeunG ~~ Unlimited Miriam

Fantastic design...>>~~~~ Photos Diary....~~>>++

Featuring hard cover outer n inner...

C stg....???? hei hei...

D ENTIRE album's pics are LOVED by me very very very much... THEY r all WELL TAKEN.... Jz bring out d beautifulness of Miriam.... she is really elegant n pretty in this album....

She is simply too BEAUTIFULL..... isnt she.????

Lyrics printed on the hard cover page///...

Tis pic looks so funny cz d 'man - Mirriam', looks a bit different than her.. HAHA...

While tis 1 is better than d previous 1....

till d end, is d cd situated... It has been keep in a fixed envelope.

Songs list... Check out "Dai Sor", " Yik Xu Shu"... Like this both songs more than others... TRY!

Overall, gd design, as it is like reading and viewing a diary which in different way... PHOTOS brings d journey from d beginning to d end. Great for a collection...~~~!!!!!


Finally is d end....!!!! OF CZ my babies wont b tat much. Due to time limitation, tats wat i can ve to show u at d moment. I still ve plenty more to show.... Regards to this,,,,,... er.... of cz ll b smaller size but still featuring cool design n outstanding album...

Er... review out some of the title.... Twins :Evolution (big size)

Cecilia Cheung : Brand new image (size still ok)

Mirriam Yeung : Electric Girl (Long size)

Blah blah... blah... blah..

But b4 i post for d next title... i need to c wat ppl's comments on this post... As, if i found not much ppl like it, so i might stop sharing it.... U know to finish THIS post oni, i ve spent more than 6 hours... ( taking pics, editing, uploading, typing, allocating). Even b4 taking pics, i need to take off d wrapping plastic paper from d cd album. My all collection has comes with its original wrapping plastic paper, for better protection n get rid of those bloody dust... Haiz... i called them baby, so tats my way treating them.... Dono u guys noticed from my pic or not...?? some pics were taken wothout took off d plastic wrapping......

Lastly, after visiting, pLS PLS do post some comments for me... i ACCEPT NEGATIVE N POSITIVE feedback... in order to improve my contains.... so pls, other wise i ll b thinking no 1 reading it.... Pls.... if u found it isnt gd enough, jz bring out and chuck everytg in for me... I can stand on it.... As i need to imPROVE....

THANK U>>>>>>...!!!!!! Once again thanx for reading it... HEHE XD


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