Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life with music~~

Moments ago, was trying to download a song... JZ A SONG wasted me Half an Hour. Cause pretty hard to find the song. fxxK.... wasted so much time for jz searching for it. Bloody Hell!!!! NOW i am telling myself tat, I WONT EVER download any song... I will straight to buy the ALBUM....

Not i have no patient, but there;s no point to download those pirated song, plus wasting my time. As the result, from now onwards, no matter he or she isn't my favorite singer, if i like 1 of his or hers song, i ll straight to get the album.. I won't do those invaluable tg again.

Well, well, my habit of buying albums getting wicked sick. Standing at overwhelming stage, its unstoppable. I just cant freeze myself from purchasing cds..... I cant remember how many i bought last year, however this year 2008, up to this second, i ve purchased 17 albums. Although some of them are old albums, but those are the album that i was looking for.

From left to right; top to bottom, Anthena Chu~Attitude, Nan Quan Mama~ Chang Bao Tu, Joey~Show up, Miriam Yeung~ Simply Me Best & New, Twins~Tong Hua Yang Yu, Twins~Around The World With $80, Twins~6th Anniversary 12cds & 12dvd boxset, 2R~Revolution, Yuki~Badgirl, Joey~ Bi-heart, Yumiko~Super Model, Niki Chow~Child & Woman, Stefanie Sun~Against The Light, Charmaine Fong~Welcome, Miriam Yeung~Music is live, Aaron Kwok~Amazing Dream (Not in the picture, Sammi-Complete, Yuan Wei Jue Xin~Xia Liu She Hui, which i bought in 2008 also)

Apart from that, i still ordered another 3 albums, which included Leo Ku latest New & best collection~勁歌金曲2 - 情歌王, Cecilia Cheung New & Best, Fiona Sit~Me.

Am getting crazy and crazy. Why one of my 2008 resolution is reaching AT LEAST 50 albums in 2008. I was thinking, i might able to success this pretty easily, due to promised myself wont wasting time on downloading song. Perhaps it is good in both way too. Save time, and save the music industry too.

Tell u wat, recently i fall in love with TWINS, but tat was months ago, starting the beginning of the year. I am sicked on them, music from my IPOD, n laptop are playing Twins' songs non-stop. They are cute for me, also i found Ah Gill has done a great job after the unexpected incident happened last months. She is a strong person, who able to face this society again. LL support u forever. Till now, i still listen to their songs. HeHe...

Will post some of their latest album in the coming post, including the Tong Hua Yan Yu, and the boxset. I still miss their Twins Party album. Will definitely get it soon in order to reckon some of their works.
Twins Party 2nd version


Anonymous said...

Wah, really admire your spirit! I used to buy original albums too when the pirated and downloading music was not well known to use yet.Each time Sammi Cheng released new album, i would buy her it!I think i have a lot of her CDs too!Besides, i think u r a cantonese music fans! i like some of the artists u mention in the paragraph,like Fiona Sit,Nan Quan, Joey..What bout Gary Cao? Khalil Fang? their songs r great, have u heard of them..n Eason Chan =)

Girraffe stZ said...

Hey anonymous..

So great you have Sammi entire album. I actually, currently would like to collect all of her recent album. Between, do you have her 2007 HK concert limited edition box set? I have been searching for ages. Still fail to do so.

Exactly, I am a huge fans of Cantonese singer. :).. Do know the artist tat u mentioned too, just seldom listen to their songs, as i particularly prefer female singer.

Eason has great music too. LL try some of their songs. Found that you are a huge MUSIC lover too ( also cd collector).