Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Twins--- Our 6th Anniversary Limited Box Set

First of all, this box set was released by EEG mainly to celebrate Twins 6th Anniversary last year. This 2000 copies worldwide, packed with 12cds and 12dvd, of their past release. Each copy engraved the number on the inner box cover. This is truly a great gift for those collector, also for those new Twins fans (Like i do). It's pretty hard to find their old albums, as the result, getting this box set, you wont miss any of their great albums. However, you do need to get their previous New + Best selection album, in order to have complete Twins library. In addition, if you are the person who like those nice packaging, lyrics photo album, then no doubt get their initial releasing. HAHA.

Well, lets take a look at the pictures.

1st Cover 2nd Cover
(Actually both work as main cover respectively, as its a double sided cover)

Number 0273 is my box set unique number. Honestly not a beautiful number. However better than 0274... Heihei...

12cds cover, with 140 pages deluxe photo & lyrics booklet on the upper left, while 12 dvds cover on bottom left.

Cover Box, 140 pages lyrics bookelt and 12dvds. Unfortunately just 2 music videos in each album( dvd). It is so ridiculous as we need to change the dvd after each play. haiz.

The 140 pages deluxe photo and lyrics booklet,is extremely gorgeous. Actually, mainly the pages are the lyrics of the hundred songs. The design of each albums, has its original pictures which can be found from their initial release. Each pages has a design, which works beautifully.

shared with you is just one of the latest picture that taken absolutely for this box set.

Also included in this box set, is the 20" x 30" huge calendar.

An example of the inner design of the calendar.

Overview of the package with the contents.

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