Saturday, April 5, 2008

Twins - 桐話妍語

Twins released their 3rd Mandarin album in 2008. This album is greatly a new gift for twins fans in 2008. Well, i have listened to their previous mandarin album, found that each album has its own catching part. Well, lets talk about 桐話妍語, its a piece of great and Twins putted a lot of hard work on it. I love 妹妹 by Ah Sa, while 你看得見嗎 by Ah Jiao. Both are excellent ballad. Songs sing for their beloved one. Good music and lyrics. Try them out if you haven do so.

Also would like to particularly mention, that is 連帶關係 composed by Jay Chow. Hmmm.. pretty energized song, and catchy voice by Twins. Awesome piece of work by Jay and Twins.

Double sided artwork for this album too.

Overall Content of the album. From top to bottom. Outer Box, Ah Jiao lyrics leaflet, Ah Sa lyrics leaflet, Ah Sa photo album, CD cover and lastly Ah Jiao photos' folder.

Ah Jiao's lyrics leaflet, designed work as poster at a side, while the other side with lyrics.

Basically, same concept as used on Ah Jiao.

As mentioned before, these are Photos album for both of them. This time, they separated the photos according their personal collection. Means some photos are rarely seen on any media.

These are the photos that Ah Jiao surprised her fans. I think few artist uses such way to present the photos. As, they are developed and printed on photo papers. Brilliant. Thing to bring on is, those photos were taken year(s) back. From the photos you can find out places that have been to, some behind the scene pictures, and private photos. Few words.... NEVER SEEN B4.

Ah Sa photos album are normalized. Presented in booklet mode, which looks ordinary, however impressed also are the photos. Again. NEVER SEEN B4. I love the "stupid and funny face". Can tell, most of the pics are Self captured.

More photos share with you. Honestly, i love this type of photos album. Funny and good for collection. Usually, photos in a recording album are basically matches to the concept of the cd album. Putting different style of photos make the whole concept complicated and messy. However Twins had success in putting all sort of unrelated photos for this album design. Anyway, Among hundred recording photo album that i have, i loved most are these 2.

Lastly, is the CD and the cover.

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