Tuesday, September 16, 2008

huh...?? how come...

After been through lots of difficulties and up & down, i found myself changed a lot....
The very obvious that i noticed is, "i don get attracted to Cd again..??"... huh? i don even trust myself... Yea, is true, i did not get Lam Fung latest album.... i have no idea why this happen..

Did i get shocked by myself after counting the amount of albums that i bough this year or bcz after struggling hard these days which rosak my brain? haiz... i actually do found myself a lot different than before. My brother said, i don smile and talk as usual. Usually i talk a lot, but these days, i don like to talk too much, some time don even like to talk.

ah.. wats wrong with me..? I actually know wat happened to myself. Due to unexpected stress my brain and thinking changed. However am still myself, jz less talkactive.

Oh well, just an update, the last albums i got in August are Joey- In Motion, and Jill- Jillympics. Before that, i still have others such as Fish Leong- Today's Valentine, Ah Sa- Make a wish, and some other older albums.

A quick snap of Joey and Jill albums.

In Motion featuring 70 pages photos album, while, Jillympics featuring 50 pages photos album. Both consider as booky style.

Oh well, i dono when my sickness will get recovered, and do what i always do. .. buy CDs...


Julie said...

why u suddenly change?
who is ur partner that u leave in my comments?
I really want to know who is he loh?
I feel really sad loh cz u don't love me as friend loh.

SAD!!!! SAD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

wakao... ur words so disgusting...

sounds so..... "___".. pls do watch out ur words la ah moi.

he is just my very best friend. Tat's it, ntg much else. haha.

ah yo, as i said, life at here, is different than in home country. Who say i don love u. Of cz i do love u in terms of friendship.

Actually u consider as 1 of my best friend... :)