Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy?? What it mean for u..??

As titled, wat it exactly mean for u...>>>??

Happy could be happened in ANY CASES.... in my life time, of cz i been through happiness and sadness.... Now, i actually found the REAL happiness... I never been so happy b4, although i did ve tat feeling after getting stg.

Lately, i changed a lot, mayb i started to enjoy the real human life. The LIFE where a human suppose to b. Mayb i ve been influenced much from Gor Gor... My life currently in Melbourne started getting fun and exciting. I call it The Game Started...

I finally knew n find out the Real and deep feeling of getting stg tat we ve been lookin for. .. Last week, d day after my Birthday, we went to a shop n found stg tat is real nice.. No doubly, buy it. The feelin of getting is the real happiness which i never been expereince for.

2day i got stg for myself again. ... Wah. wah... Tats AWESOME.. Simply irrestible... I finally enjoy shopping those good tgs. haha.. Well, po gai soon if continue such way.

Anyway, as long as am HAPPY... tats d fundamental point of being HUMAN.

BE HAPPY EVERYONE... Life is short. Make urself HAPPY everyday.,....!!!

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