Saturday, June 6, 2009

MAY d month with 12 babies~~ =)

This month again, bought some favourite again. hmm... counted at d end of d month, found jz 12 albums. its kind of lot honestly, i actually controlling myself not to get too much, but still failed to do so. hahaa....

anyway am quite happy wit wat i ve got. let c wat i ve, of cz then again old n new albums all wrapped up.

From Top left, Zhang Jie-Most Beautiful Sun, Kelly Chen-Happy Girl, Gigi Leung-Present, Leo Ku-Nobita, Aaron kwon-Thematic, SHE-Once Upon A Time, Joey Yung-Nine 2 Five, SHE-Magical Journey, Joey Yung-A Time For Us, Twins-Magic, Reenie Guo-Debut, Zai Zai-The Collection

Among these albums, i was real lucky as in found another 4 old albums which in my "Searching List". =). For ur infor, i actually lookin older album more than newer.

In my Searching List, Twins covered d most, cz my intention is get all their first press release. Now, Magic has created miracle. I love 9 2 5 album by Joey since 2005, but tat time i wasnt a collector yet, so didnt get it, now i got d chance 2 c d baby 1000% will belongs to me.

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