Saturday, July 4, 2009

Penny Tai- Forgive Me For Being The Girl I Am 戴佩妮-原諒我就是這樣的女生

First of all, ll share Penny's latest mandarin album. Basically, this is 2nd albums i have for Penny. Planning to get some of her previous releases over the weekend. Regards to this album, when i first played, wow i love the songs. If u like her style of music, i reckon u ll love this album.

As mentioned earlier post, this is autographed version. Real happy when seeing my babies being worm drawn. Looks stunning and awesome!

Looks! how beautiful it is. If my entire babies have those special worm drawing, sure gonna be a massive Collection!

The packaging design is pretty much easy and simple. jz a thin flip over, with Cd n DVD slide into the cover. A photos n lyrics booklet, and a coupon.

A sample of the picture taken from the album. Penny looks great on short hair too. Although used for seeing her in long hair.

Song that i loved most in this album is the track 2. D picture shown is the lyrics for track 1 n 2.

The back cover with the songs list.

Would like to highlight about this album. The dvd has 2 MVs, The making of the album, and behind the scene of MV shoot for 兩難. Its quite interesting watching out how artist makes their album during the photo shoot, also those valueable footage when they are producing the MV.

To make a certain statement, i actually is a film maker student, so do actually like clips, videos....

In the 兩難 MV, there's 2 appearance of Penny, with long hair and short hair. She was the director of this MV making, where finished part of the shooting last year, where she was wit long hair, while 2nd half was produced this year which in short hair. Regards to the story of the MV, i wont reveal at here. Why? If u wan to find out, Buy the album, its a good collection.

For songs, as above, i love Track 2 d most, follow up by Track 1, and ... er.. should b saying i do like most of them except "Lafite", which sounds weird, however quite cool as never been touching these type of tune. A gd experience. Then again, Lafite this song, and some other 4 songs actually were from her 2008 EP, so total up wit new songs giving a 14 tracks.

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