Thursday, July 30, 2009

Month of July

Hmm... its coming to an end again. Nowadays, i found time run real quick, jz clips of eyes, arg, its the next day. Stepped into working life, ntg much could i say. Baiscally same drama repeat n repeat. Kind of dull, however always facing challenging moments.

This month didnt spend much of money, at the same time i brought in 4 albums only.
愛.旅行.一公里 by 許茹芸, 幸福遇見 by 林依晨, F One by 范瑋琪 which all these are autogrpahed version, and lastly Morning by 衛蘭.

How i wish Janice album also been signed. Well, focus back my work. Will try to post any missed new albums when time allowed me. =p

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