Monday, November 15, 2010

Review of 林育群(羣) Jimmy Lin Yu Chun

As promised, now it’s the time for reviewing how great Jimmy Lin Yu Chun 林育群(羣) is. I will cut off introduction about him as most likely when you are Google or Yahoo search on him, assume you know who he is. XD

I was amazed how great he can sing. The very first time I saw his performance, I was shocked and speechless. I never never never hearing such a great piece of music. As I always say, “A great piece of music comes from Great Singer”. Jimmy Lin 育群 has the point. He is glamorous; he has the World Star Talent. He deserves to have more than he is now! He deserves to be one of the greatest singers in the world.

Let say why I have such a tough view of him. I have been listening to music since young age. Well, no doubt I love lots of songs, and they are great too. However, Jimmy has given me extraordinary feel when comes to music. The performances that he gave all the time, every time were remarkable. I never had been listening to a CLEAN, CRYSTAL CLEAR, strong, and stable voices all in a time during a live performance. He has made it though.

When plug in his CDs these few days, I can only say I’m happily enjoying myself, the greatest sensation that I have during songs listening. When I was sitting on the sofa, from time to time I felt I was in a Hall, in a show of his, enjoying his performance. He is the only singer able to draw illustration on my mind. It’s really cool and thus I shall share the good feeling with you all. Another main point to make is, he brings the songs alive, he sings with great feeling whereby I’m able to feel it, and get touched by him. I seldom can get caught so hardly by songs. Jimmy once again did it.

In fact, I can feel this, wonder you guys at the same bus of mine? From the very first song to the ninth song, they gently wash off our tiredness, stresses and slowly recover our mind, and eventually the last song brings us alive again. A fresh mind and ready for next day challenge. COULD YOU FEEl IT…..??

Guys get his recording albums now and try it especially after a day of hard work. You will surprise by how great influence he has. The feel..?? You decide it.

It’s My Time whereby his first English album released Sept 2010, is an international album, wrapped with 10 well known songs by Famous singer such as Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera and so on. The main plug of the album “I Will Always Love You” which drew attention by the world has a great opening when play the CD. He performed the song identically the same as Whitney however he has his own style, unique vocal that I found in 23 years of music listening.

Throughout the journey of the music play, you can hear is a pleasant music which take your breath away, and draw away your attention. Conversely, the ending song “Fighter” wow, makes a great High feel, the beating of the music notes, the cool way of singing Christina’s song, hmmm…. Brilliant!

The album designer did a great job. The cover is clean and easily to spotted on.

I do have an autographed version for his Mandarin album. Sadly not on It's My Time.

未來的第一站 aka The First Stop In Future, his first mandarin album covers like Shunza, Freya Lim, A-Mei, and Ailing songs, plus Chinese remakes of three English songs that appeared on It's My Time. Apart from that, it also features the new song (main plug) "The First Stop in the Future".

Actually I won’t be reviewing much on the songs as you guys absolutely know how awesome he is. Get a copy for both now; you won’t regret your purchase!

Ps: Some of you might feel I might be exaggerated, but this is my point of view of him. No hard feeling occurred. I just wish people who keen in great music; he is one of the singers that you can choose for.

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