Monday, November 15, 2010

林育群(羣) Jimmy Lin Yu Chun

When did you first heard of this name?? Words of mouth, Facebook, Google & Yahoo Search, Million clicks of his clips on Youtube...??

Yea, he is the Taiwanese singer, Jimmy Lin Yu Chun 林育群. My blog has been freezed for year. Time to life it back. This time i bring back the best albums the best singer that i meet in my life time. His songs are absolutely a piece of great music that pleasantly flow over your room, your ears.

For me, i listen to music since i was a kid. I never been indulged by such a great music. Most people know i am a fans of Sammi Cheng. This time i could say, 林育群 you beaten up Sammi Cheng. I love your music more than her. Those who had ever get in-touch with 林育群 performance, i bet you know how fabulous he is.

For those, who don't, time to wake up your mind and nerve, search him, i reckon you wont regret with this intro. In my next couple of post, I will have a full albums review of his.

Stay close with the newly born STAR ---林育群

A quick view of both albums

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