Saturday, August 13, 2011

Apple Store - Southland Grand Opening today

I was told by my sis to go for a queue before the grand opening as top 1000 customers who gets it will obtain a free T-shirt. I didn't even get enough sleep today, unwillingly i drove to the mall. I was 'Wat The HECK!" Its just an opening the queue was as long as during product releases.

In fact, the t-shirt was intended to gift to a friend who birthday falls at the end of this month. Well, that's the reason why i joined the crowd, other wise i should be hiding in my warm bed.

In fact I'm speechless, after 40 minutes pasted, those who came late without queuing even obtained the special gift (T-shirt).... Geess.... I had wasted my wait. Anyway, a great experience on how Apple's fans react on "APPLE"....

The shirt is XL size, i couldn't even wear it out. Shall keep it as souvenir instead. Hahaha

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