Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rainie Yang - Longing for... 楊丞琳 - 仰望

This is 2nd Rainie's album I have in my collection. In addition, top up my autographed albums list. i bought this album because first of all, autographed, 2nd most probably i found some hit songs in it. The main plug 我們都傻, pretty much catchy for me. I practically love first song 仰望, where the beats behind brings the song to pitch. Lovelution, a unique name adding fast-paced music marking a great song to listen too. To be honest I do not find this album could compete with her previous releases. Another song to recommend is 結痂, a rocky flavor which Rainie seldom involve with.

Typically, songs could hold our listening buds aren't much as previous. Overall, still acceptable.

Autographed on album cover. I love the photo shoot. It given me a soft and relax feeling. Practically, lite colors do the feeling.

The version i have here is Blue Sky Deluxe Edition, thus addition 64 pages photo booklet is included. Pretty much just a booklet with series of photographs, and some wording written by Rainie. Plus some empty pages at the end, works for writing our own diary?....

Random choose from the lyrics booklet. Nothing special regards to design, and extra more pictures which cant be found from the 64 pages photo book.

I was surprised when i saw a poster tube in the shipment. As the seller didn't mention that my purchase includes autographed poster. That poster made my day! Although I'm not keen to poster, well, a great collection too. haha

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