Thursday, March 26, 2009

I mizz my Babies...

Last Night, i unpack a box which contained my babies... Found tat, hmm.. i still have some babies accompany me in KL. Those babies, i actually left them in KL during the time i traveled back last year. Takin all them out, n really ve a nice time with them. Wah keke... People sure think am CRAZY de... how could i treat them so nicely. haha.. I took some pictures n share wit u guys. Er... All of them neither the latest nor posted at here before. 1 tg is, they are mostly in big packaging. =p

Twins always ve d largest album packagin among other EEG artist. Tat Trainee Cupid can tell.

All oldies... Miriam d oldest.. Wah keke.

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