Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jeneration by JOLIN Tsai

Jz got the album last Saturday.. Wow cool.. The 400++ pages booklet damn nice. Compounded picture taken from the MV shot and some behind the scene pictures. Its real thick and heavy. The total weight for the album is 720 gram there. Well, ntg much to say. If you are or arent JOLIN's fan, i would reckon get the album. Its d last album from Gold typhoon.

ps: sry for the lighting, as i didnt use flash.

The main cover box

the 400+ pages photo album and the cd album case

Again, the casing, box and the photo album

Pictures taken from the photo album.. Basically its compounded those behind the scene and
pictures from her previous MV

The enclosed Poster with a side, lyrics printed.

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