Thursday, March 26, 2009


This album was d last album, also d new + best from Jolin during the time in Sony BMG. Then later she moved to Gold Typhoon, but now, in Warner Music. I myself quite like this box set. Printed on hard cover boxing, a great collection for all, and free up d annoying squeezing and load from others stuffs. This album compounded all the greatest hits during the years in Sony BMG. Well, lets take a glance at d album.

The main cover, the album is nearly d size of an A4 paper 28.5 x 20 x 2

u can c here is the thickness of the album

The album packed with a 52 pages photo album, a lyric leaflet, 3 CDS, and a DVD

From top, the boxed with the Cds n Dvd, 52 pages photo album, and lyrics leaflet

Close up of the Discs

Its relatively small, but readable

Sexy hot, baby cute, woman beauty... all can be found on Jolin through these pics...

The back of the box set

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