Thursday, April 9, 2009

Butterfly - JOLIN Tsai

Well, b4 the releasing... the news was real hot. I still remember i kept searching for the album design. Finally found a sample picture at warner web site.. Hmm.. the packaging gonna be real awesome. Untill the realeasing... Honestly a bit disappointed. Although it is real real BIG set as well, but then d material used jz plastic and the contents jz simply chuck into.
The whole plastic casing works like opening a toy box. Its quite creative, but then i don like the way they deal with the presentation of the inner contents. JZ SIMPLY DRAG n DROP. haha

Well, anyway its also an amazing album for me. As u guys know i like those big box set, deluxe edition, as big as it can.. haha///... For Sure my "Unique S Gallery" TM, gonna be d most pretty over d world. XD

The front side of the album. The picture that u can see, actually jz a cardboard sticked on the packaging, while d other side has d cd located. Initially i thought tat is the Cd "case", ya.. it is jz its a simple card.

The back side of the Butterfly album. obviously its the pre-order T shirt designed by Jolin. Theres 2 version available, white n red. Also both album has different main cover thus the photo booklet too.

The contents, T-shirt, Photo booklet - lyrics, coupons for music, and CD. Through this pic, can roughly guess how big is this album. Its actually larger than the J1 Live Concert Box Set.

The T- Shirt, unfortunately i don wrap off the plastic protective sheet. As definitely its a collection. Mayb in future 1 day, i could wear it?? dono.. no idea.. haha..

When i receive this album, theres 1 tg i am curious of, tat was finding out d place of this shirt manufactured. Arg.. haiz... y not even Taiwan made... its Made in China. I was shocked actually. Anyway, China made also ok, jz then expecting stg from the company.

lets take a glance at the photo booklet. Will share some pics wit u guys.

Hmm... man's outlook... pretty cool ya.

The gown has butterfly shape.. love the apperance here.

Wat..?? "Yi Zhi Ma" at the top of the bldg?

If you guys do watch her "Big Man" MV, sure can c this outlook. Pretty HOT!

This picture taken from the last page of Lyrics section.
Well, tats all i can share.. Look interesting, then go for it. Sure u might like if u r truely Jolin fans...

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