Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quick Update

Due to insufficient time as been busy since i started working at new place, so didnt update my blog, also not even have time to on line. Recently bought some cds. As usual, will shop for those older album if am able to find. =D

Well, wat i ve 2day are Twins- Such a better day (2nd version). Unfortunately, hardly to find 1st version, however 2nd i not really wan. Then, is Da Mouth latest album, Lee Hom - Heart Beat, and Ah Sa latest album.

Da mouth album was been signed by 4 of them.....

Lastly is an update of Jolin Butterfly album with her hand signed postcard.

Well, run out of time, ve to go... n catch for Joey Yung - A Time For Us, Gigi Leung - Gift, all latest album in d near future...

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