Thursday, April 9, 2009

Jolin J1 Concert DVD

Last Saturday i wen to 1 Utama wit my cousin, didnt expect i saw d oni Yumiko CD album left in my collection. Unfortunately d box has been opened b4, end up not buyin while spottin Jolin J1 Concert big box set. Although its china version, while its relatively captured my heart since offering me a RM49.90. Do you think this great chance could fly away so? =p

Well, lets take a look at it.

The deluxe box set.

Giving a quick estimate of d size of the box.

In d box set, d upper right is the DVD casing, while the bottom right have the special contents for this box set. Well, those stuffs i don use at all. Not for boys la... haha

Thats wat i was mentioned above.

Tatoo... Nails decoration..?? and the bracelet? hmm.. who want come n grab it.

Enclosed calendar with photos taken during the concert.

Lastly, is the poster. Thats wat can be found from this box. Actually not really much can found. The concert still alright for tat time. This box set gonna pretty up my gallery once again in future. HAHA

Next post, will be her latest album. Butterfly. Do catch up ya!

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