Sunday, August 2, 2009

wat a BIG spent i HAD

D month jz started, n i had swipe in 4 albums. lolz. tat was real quick. well, among these, 2 albums were in my wish list for ages, n finally its mine. The other 2 albums, 1 actually is new release which i found might b a gd try since he is quite famous too. On the other hand, the last album i got was actually jz released, n got it bcz he was in KL for his tour.

As u guys know am a cd collector, n d singer is here, for sure i ll catch the opportunity to get a worm drawing. HAHA

Penny's album which stacked in cd shop for long. Finally, they are in my collection. Chao Ger latest album, with unordinary packaging design. For those who never seen it, i reckon tat gonna b turn out with fresh meat on the plastic tray. XD.

Lastly is Willam Chan latest Warior album with signature as i mentioned b4. well, getting more albums now. Unfortunately time doesnt allow me to get a snap of them n review at here.

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