Wednesday, August 26, 2009

William Chan - Warrior 陳偉霆-戰士

First saw him was in Ah Sa's Music video. I was so jealous of him cz has chance to get close to my lover. lolz... Till d day when i was shopping in Sg Wang. Found he is on tour of his new album. The name sounds so familiar with me till then remember d MV.
Well, my 2nd thought was... OF cz GRAB THE ALBUM n GET IT SIGNED!!! Tat was my first experience queuing myself for getting d worm drawing. lolz. As previously i got it from other sources.
For me, wat i can say from this singer is another Dancing-singer from EEG, which basically shadow's from YUMIKO Cheng. When talk about Yumiko, another point to add in, He was orginally from Sun Boyz group, which appeared in Yumiko's song n mv - 大不了. Hmmm.. Now he is flying on his own.
He dance well, could compete wit me. But he far more better. In terms of singing skill, still ve to improve more. He still ve lots of space for him to get through to next stage.

Songs i particularly to mention here are, 戰士, 今天終於知道錯, M.J., 狐狸小姐.
A gd start with the Warrior, fast tempo, good beats for dancing. 今天終於知道錯, a smooth tangy catchy ballad. You ask for more. MJ, from the name u know its dedicated for The DANCING KING.

Autographed cover at the left, while lyrics and photo booklet sitting right hand side.

As tis is Msia version, thus included also his First Album located bottom, while his latest with autographed too.

This is first CD being signed in my whole collection. Wat nice to C it! Also, am the oni person get William to sign on CD on d day. HAHA. Oni Cd collector will ask for tis (mostly)

This album has real nice pic. I mean the graphic. n Nicely taken pics

Lastly the song tracks... Arg... not readable.

Well, a potential to be next Dancing King in the industry! Tats conclude my entire review

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