Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Raymond Lam 林峰 - Let's Get Wet

First Raymond's album in my collection. Past years, i bought his first release for someone but not for myself. hmm.. a bit regret not to import 1 for myself tat time. Return here, I would highly be one of the Raymond's music lover.

Although 7 songs in this latest release, but all composed well. My first choice, also for recommendation, Track 4 如果時間來到. Smooth ballad, catchy music-lyrics. Another song in my list which worth to repeat. Just first heard of the song, the melody has sticked in.

Let's Get Wet, also the main theme for his first concert, impressed me well enough. Then again, the way he sang relatively smooth, which relatively same performance in other type of music. However, the mix of diff style create good tune.

Illusion will be my last song to share with. Same style music plunged in Let's Get Wet, whist diff singing movement.

The main cover

From Left to Right, The main cd cover, The 64 pages photo booklet, Cd, Lyrics leaflet and DVD. The photo booklet combined latest Let's Get Wet, Your Love, & 愛在記憶中找你 photos. Thus, you could have the most complete Raymond's photos album.

Let's Get Wet section.

Remarks for girls, if u r great fans of him, i reckon u gonna flip over n over the booklet. Lolz

No comment...

愛在記憶中找你 section.

Just a 2 pics for share.

Your Love section

Again, 2 pics due to time constrain.

Tat sum up the short review. Overall, do enjoy well his music. Looking forward for his future performance.

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