Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Awesome DEAL

Taken a golden chance for myself shopped till i dropped. Tat was awesome to get those buddies in tat much of price. I couldnt believe my eyes at first. Well, i wasnt dreaming, wat i c is wat i will get. Although not much Hong Kong version on crazy price, but i brought myself back 4 albums!

Hacken Lee's - My cup of Tea is 3rd album of his i ve in my entire collection. HOCC's - What really matters also d 3rd albums i ve of her's. While welcome Edmond Leung into my music world, as tat stands at first album i owned of his. Aaron Kwok's - Absolute which the album i have seeking for long. Finally got it for 10 bucks ONLY! Tats real cool.

Although they all are older releases, but the songs didn't disappointed me. Thumbs UP! I found something weird. These 4 albums titled in ENGLISH. Did you notice that? lolz

Finally, is JOEY Yung Latest chinese album, Very Busy. Will, review it in the coming post.

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