Friday, September 25, 2009

容祖兒-很忙 ; Joey Yung - Very Busy

Just in few months time, she has a mandarin album for us. What i can reckon is, this year she gonna be pretty busy. 2 albums in a row, concert in Oct, and heard the box set which out in town during Sept, but seems like the news has vanished. Anyway, hope she will have the box set, in order to have complete albums of her's.
What i can say for this latest mandarin album, i found the melody, songs stick in far more better than the previous 小小 album. In this album, 這就是愛嗎? the song which my speaker couldn't stop from playing it. First time hearing, the tune some how catchy as i found it would be my first love in the next moment. Oh yea... the song does it. Just few play, i could actually sing the song. tat's real awesome. Of cz have to thanks to JJ too, composing such a brilliant melody.
Slow Dance, the bass behind + the relaxing singing, make the song far more than a song. This song easily for Joey to catch up the beats, eventually a choice of mine too.
答案, the smoothness of the melody basically similar to most tangy ballad. In my opinion, Joey sings good through this song. I personally quite enjoy the lyrics. What's more a song which to accompany you when you are being left alone.
Another song particularly mention here is the 烏賊. The whole concept is COOL. A pretty new type of dance song. Giving me a new thought of mixing the instruments and effects. This song illustrate the personal thought of Joey towards on smoking. She dislike smoke, and hopefully through the song people will try to decrease the intake of smoking.
Alright, lets take a glance of the album.

The outer cover with the inner cd housing case. I like the design of it. Although it's simple, but effective, as usually the outer will be covered whole, while the design applied here was cutting top n bottom in certain amount of degree.

The inner design isn't something shocking, just very common style of allocating the materials. A cd and a dvd at a side, while Photos and lyrics booklet, plus the freebie.

I love this photo shoot. Impressive. Easy to handle, however still the skill of snapping and posing.

Another shot just for sharing.

Unfortunately, this picture is small. Actually just to share my favourite song. Anyway, if you do like JOEY, i reckon you have grabbed a copy. :)

Lastly the track list.

Oh ya, another fundamental point to make is, the dvd is EXCELLENT. It was taken from the Moov live by JOEY b4 releasing her album. If i'm not mistaken, i mentioned i getting into Joey singing, as she sings pretty well in live, compared few years back. From d dvd, you will find the answer.

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