Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sammi Cheng 鄭秀文-思念

Until now, i haven get the correct album name for Sammi very first recording album. Rumors say 思念 is the name, however what was written officially on the recording album has only "Sammi" and "鄭秀文". Whereby, most fans claimed "鄭秀文" shall be the one which same on my opinion too.

Album cover with autograph

I was truly amazed with the receipt of this album. It is the first press release in 1990. Even the CD was made in Japan. This is not a reissue copy but truly came into market since 1990. What makes this album being the most gorgeous among all, is autographed and the previous collector take extreme care on it. The surface of jewel case still as new, without scratches. Yes, is without scratches!

I am really glad to own it in my collection. haha

The print on the disc with manufacturing in Japan.

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