Wednesday, July 6, 2011

HOCC 何韻詩 - Green

In less than a year, HOCC (Denise Ho) released mandarin single, Green to her fans. This anticipated album has created a flow between collectors and her music fans. Due to announcing a special manufactured – transparent pictured CD, thus initial releases causing shortage phenomena.

The Green album contains 2 songs only, however both are written brilliantly. The album is made to concept Green whereby both songs start with green word, as well the manufacturing of the album used recycle materials.

The Front Cover

The back cover, with tear off strip in order to obtain inner materials.

A poster back with lyrics, a picture booklet and a so called transparent pictured cd.

青空 energized ballet which catches you for continuous plays.
has meaningful lyrics, no doubt both do. A soft tangy song which again you can’t let it go from your speakers.

What more i can say is, if you are a fans of HOCC, i reckon by now you have own it. For those music lovers and cd collectors, remember this is a great deal. Get it while u can.

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