Monday, July 18, 2011

Sammi Cheng's albums

Since year 2010, i started to collect Sammi's older releases, which basically my intention is to own a full set of hers. Last year i brought in 15 albums, while this year, till this second I add in 11 albums. My recent purchase were " 聽聞" and "濃情". 濃情 is an autographed version as can be seen underneath.

Today, received notice from post office regarding to an undelivered postal article, whereby it's her very first release, "Sammi". What more to credit about it is, Autographed album. This rare and autographed basically add in greater value to my collection. I cant wait to get on hand.

Hmm..... practically, i got most of her releases by now, however missing.... ... 5 or 6 albums? In fact full length albums that missing out are -- Holiday, 十誡 and 鄭秀文的快樂迷宮. Phew, what a crazy collector i am. In other words, I got all of her Warner's full length album releases.

Let's count the compilation, where 是時候@不要新舊對照35首, and Mi Century登峰造極世紀精選, which am waiting chances to grab a copy too. In 2009, a themed year which consists of "Faith", "Hope", & "Love" title to her work. Basically, i obtained Faith album, while not Hope album. In some extend it's a book accompany EP.

Oh well, catch up with me soon.

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