Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Recent Purchase

Sorry to my much-loved readers and viewers, as for some reasons I didn’t update my blog. I was way too busy with my life. Anyway cut out those, I hope by then I shall blog in some titles as I did before. Nevertheless, I still spend money on cds which it’s part of my life’s work. Give u a glance of what I have brought in these days. However, u guys will be greatly disappointed as these are old titles, although couples are recently released.

Sammi Cheng’s with autographed except Shocking Pink, Water Of love and Sammi’s collection

Kelly Chen’s with all autographed

Andy Hui’s with autographed as well

Karen Mok's X and To be autographed

Vivian Hsu autographed 2nd mandarin album, with both English and Chinese signature

Some recent titles:

HOCC - Green

HOCC - first mandarin album. Limited Edition with puzzle, autographed

Fan Fan - Love and Fan Fan autographed

Stefanie Sun - It's time autographed

Jolin Tsai - Take 2 Myself-Dance With Me 4D

Miriam Yeung - Ready or Not

Thanks to my friend who works in BMA obtained Niki's autograph on her 2nd, 3rd and 4th recording albums.

In fact, i still have some other autographed albums which never been posted here. Anyway a picture shall do the work.

In later post, I would do HOCC, Green album quick review, and shall begin my blogging life again thereafter.

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