Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stefanie Sun 孫燕姿 - It's Time 是時候

After a long wait for 4 years, finally Stefanie has new work for all of her music lovers. This time Stefanie had involved in music production as well as planning for entire album. When i received the album, i was amazed as she never been using special designed packaging, as previously they are typically jewel cased packaging. The first play, i was pleased with this album. All songs are great and worth for continuous play.

I particularly love the album artwork and design, as only 3 colors can be found here. Black, White and Grey. The whole album doesn't weight much, but outstanding packaging design. Thumbs up for this. Lets look at the packaging.

Front cover with Stefanie's autograph.

Back cover design, looks identically those document envelope,
where string to ties around the knob.

I love the wording design, on the inner wall. Its a poem i
reckon which the song
世說心語, brings too.

Photo booklet, Cd with the housing,promotional leaflet, that's wrapped in.

The photo booklet. I think she and the design team had put heaps of effort
for this album. All photos are nice captured, and there's insert where
transparent paper replaced, makes the booklet scores well.

Main plug, 世說心語 expressing her feeling for the last four years. Although first play of it, to be honest i wasn't like it as the tune kind of weird to me. However, something changed my mind, recently i found this music piece is unique and catchy too, which fight my first thought.

Practically, i love the second song,
the most. As most of you knew I'm keen to relax and active songs. This song represent my feeling too. The music and lyric work well, and easily memorize the tune.

當冬夜漸暖 , a soft ballad, which a song brings great feeling. I could say one of the best soft ballad Stefanie Sun has in her 11 albums.

When the speakers played 是時候, i was like "huh", and feel bored to it. Again, miracle happened after 3rd and 4th play. I can't imagine how much i love this song. The chorus part, "我多恨自己輕易地放開手 以為能承受....." Oh No, that's the greatest part. Eventually, this song makes the first song i would reckon to all.

Hidden track 11, named "11" as well, amazed me dramatically. The energized song boost up my feeling and easily catches the music piece too. Tell you what, the 2nd song i love comes after 是時候. haha

Overall, i would say such a worth buy! All songs are awesome!

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