Thursday, July 7, 2011

范瑋琪 Christine Fan - Love & Fan Fan

Love & Fan Fan is the second album of Christine Fan that I own in my collection. I bought this album because of the hit song; 最重要的決定which sang by most of the girls surround me. Well, I myself pretty much love it too. The packaging used hard cardboard and designed in box set style, however not really a box set. The album consists of 10 great songs. First song 蜂蜜 (jazz), you are putting yourself in a harmonic ballroom. You feel like lifting yourself up for a dance.

最重要的決定 although second plug of the album, but ya the lyrics are so meaningful. It is an inner feeling of Fan Fan towards her decision being married to Blackie Chen on May 2011. It is truly a song catches your heart and I guarantee you would listen and even more sing the song for the second play. The main plug, 暮光 written and composed by her confidante Tina Wang, a song that easy to memorize and pleasant to hear too. 雙雙, the song composed by Christine, herself, a good recommendation to you too.

Beside love song, some energetic songs are wrapped in the album too. Well, have a glance of the album.

Album cover and photos & lyrics booklet with autograph

10 Postcards with beautiful taken photos

CD and DVD. DVD contains 30 minutes footage interview from her friends

To be honest, I prefer her previous album, F One than this one. The previous songs choice is better than this album. In comparison of雙雙 and灰色的彩虹 which composed by Christine, I would say灰色的彩虹 wins. Anyhow, every recording album has its selling points.

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