Friday, July 8, 2011

Fiona Sit 薛凱琪 - August Girl

Finally the album has out in the market today. I can't wait to hold a copy. Just watched her mv through Youtube. Hmmm.. this album has different feel than her previous releases. But then since the change on her "Smile" album, i would reckon the songs type are typically the same. It's hard to describe it, but from my point of view its identically the style as Khalil Fong. However, Fiona has her own style anyway.

I myself love this album not because of the songs, but how she deliver messages to her music listeners. Seems like most songs has its own message. For example, 八月號 the song reflects how much we know about Fiona. Controversial in media had made up lots of story behind the truth.

The main plug 唇印, romantic and the beats which step by step bring the song to peak. A relaxing song though. Well, i shall stop here. Will update again when i receive the album. By the way i will catch up those i missed earlier.

The cover looks weird. The lion hair doesn't match to her face at all. But its the concept of the album whereby, August the birth month of Fiona, plus the zodiac sign, Leo thus she came out the theme song and the album artwork.

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