Thursday, July 7, 2011

HOCC 何韻詩 - 無名.詩 (拼圖珍藏版) (CD + 拼圖) first mandarin album

Although it seems to be late for posting this album as it has been out in d market for 8 months? Yea i reckon roughly the time. Anyway finally i got myself a limited copy too. What i can say about this album at first, lets look at the packaging.

32cm x 32 cm hard cover which makes the album stronger from any impact, but still there's a limit to handle it. Among my vinyl sized recording album, this album featured the most stunning design than others. A puzzle can be found inside of it, which stands the selling point of this limited 2000 copies worldwide. A cd with extra canto song and a poster type lyrics leaflet. And last, not the least is the huge HOCC autograph on the front cover.

The front cover, king size design, nevertheless HUGE HOCC autograph.

The puzzle. Its 10 thumbs up for the design. Incredibly stunning! The first recording album with such a huge puzzle. I love this part the most.

The cd located underneath of the right puzzle. I was spending some time to look for it. What a good hide and seek game i encounter with. =)

Poster type lyrics leaflet, with picture identically same as promotional picture used on her Homecoming concert last year.

Back with 11 songs lyrics.

In terms of songs. the very first time i in touch with it is the 詩與胡. Really catchy piece of music. First play, then 2nd play i started to sing. It's a song which catches and the tune stick firmly in ur mind. 無名, second song i love in the album. In fact it's a canto song that released by HOCC years back. Mandarin version has a great lyrics and blend with music greatly.

愛麗絲夢遊仙境症候群, a free and relax song which makes a good play after your hard day work. It releases your mind, and the piano part truly release my tension of the day. 菇菇歌, at first i thought is a soft ballet, didn't expect comes out a rock song, and so it amazed me. Overall its a good album to purchase. You wont regret from every single penny u spend on.

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